Our goal is to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere
where everyone is welcome to sit and relax,
enjoy a great beer with a nice meal
and converse with their friends and neighbors.

About The Muddy Pig

The Muddy Pig was the original craft beer bar in the Twin Cities opening in June of 2002. We take our role as the market leader very seriously and always try to have a wide selection of the finest examples of the brewer's art on tap whether from one of our fine local breweries or a brewery elsewhere in the US or even from other countries. Local is important, but good is better. Good beer deserves good food and we are very proud of what out tiny little kitchen puts out on a day-to-day basis. I don't know of another kitchen in the area that puts out such a high volume of quality food per square foot as our little place. Great beer, great food and fun people. The legendary Muddy Pig will never stray from our mission.

About Me

I grew up drinking beer in Wisconsin with my father on his days to 'baby sit'. After putting is some time as a computer programmer, doing sales and marketing of medical products and installing siding I finally opened my first pub in 1997.  My projects have included Great Waters Brewing Company, The Muddy Pig, The Happy Gnome and Pig & Fiddle.  My thanks to Dawn, Yukon, Charlie, Axel, Peanut, Thing one and Thing 2 for putting up with me.